Which software options are available for Online Arbitrage and Wholesale UK?

Should I keep Keepa if I have X software? Keepa has built the most thorough database (most likely by scraping) of the history of Amazon products. Most sellers seem to think it’s just a Chrome Extension, if you’ve ever been to one of my workshops, you’ll know the power of it and how it’ll completely change your sourcing game. The majority of software companies pull from the Keepa API. However, it would be far too expensive to grab all the data points to replicate the web browser database. For me, Keepa is essential software to have in your arsenal for these reasons and there’s no free option alternative available. Deal Analysis There’s a bunch of options available, and they are all very similar. It mostly comes down to personal preference and which UI you prefer. Any option which has a reliable Intellectual Property checker and options to tell your eligibility will work. I’d recommend trialling out BBP (the one I use) or SellerAmp. Repricer Which Repricer you use comes down to what features you need. Do you need an API? Do you need custom rules? Maintenance time? Does the repricer price up? The first option is Amazon’s own Automate Pricing, it’s free and the quickest. I still use it to liquidate stock due to the speed of the ‘Beat By 1p’ rule. You can set it to ‘Match the Buy Box price’, match ‘Only offers with the same fulfilment method’, match ‘Only offers from other third party sellers’ and be very successful from it. However, the biggest flaw with this is that it does not price up automatically. It is the best at following other price changes, but you’ll need to rely on other sellers to price up strategically. The large sellers I know who use this would have an admin VA manually raise the price every day to counter this. The rules-based automated repricers I’d recommend are PPP, and if you need FTP access ChannelMax. Both of these options are competitively priced and have excellent custom repricing options. The more expensive options I’ve tried have never been worth it! Inventory Management The popular options which are currently released right now are Sellerboard and SellerToolKit. If you don’t have a custom Inventory solution, I recommend Sellerboard for its API and Forecasting features. By simply using =IMPORTDATA you can feed live data to Google Sheets; couple this with my Amazon Premium Sourcing Sheet Replenishable tab or your own. You’ll know exactly when and how much stock to buy filtered down by Shop or Category. Alternatively, Sellertoolkit has a far superior reimbursement tool, and from what I’ve heard, a decent built-in Repricer makes the software a good all-in-one solution if you use all its features. Others FastTrackFBA, a great place to start for leads and if you’re looking for a VA then start here to learn the ropes and see how they do it, they also have an extremely valuable YouTube channel that I highly recommend. ArbitrageHero, cool scraping software and has a Wholesale scanner with Keepa 90 Days OOS, I’ve found other scanners slow and terrible at filtering out Amazon. Keepa is the other Wholesale scanning option with the ‘Product Viewer’ tool. RefundXray is a fantastic reimbursement tool. It has a free trial so no reason to not try it out! Ultimately the best idea is to try them all!

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